Vice Chancellor's message to students: 

Dear Students, I am sure each one of you is doing well with your family. Please take great care of yourself and your near and dear ones. At the critical juncture when challenge of Covid-19 is facing entire humanity, I sincerely advise you all to please follow all precautions needed to prevent infection and spread of Corona Virus. I could see that our Honorable Prime Minister is worried to observe that some people are not following the necessary advisories/guidelines including social distancing, lockdown and preventive measures. I am more than confident that our students are sensitive enough to respond to the situation in the right spirit by religiously following all the measures required at the moment. Please keep yourself safe by restraining yourself from outings and meetings, and by sanitizing your hands regularly. Devote your time in studies, yoga, meditation and writing good notes, articles and poems etc. While concentrating on academic activities, we should also strive to do a little good every day. Dear students, just to share with you, I have also started working towards completing couple of MOOCs on Microbiology to make the best use of time. You do not have to worry about the academic loss due to suspension of classes as I am serious about it and every aspect will be taken care of. I hope that you are in contact with your teachers and vice-versa. You will get access to e-books and e-contents soon. May God bless you and your family!

 Prof R.C. Kuhad, Your Guardian