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International Conference

Heading Towards Zero: Sustainable Development in Economy, Environment and Society
(October, 19th -21st, 2019)

In collaboration with IGU Commissions-

Commission on Biogeography and Biodiversity,
Commission on Local and Regional Development
Commission on Population Geography, Commission on Geo-Heritage


The Association for Geographical Studies(AGS), New Delhi
Asian Cultural Landscape Association, Seoul, Korea


“The earth provides enough to satisfy everyone’s needs but not everyone’s greed”

-:Mahatma Gandhi

Sustainable development:The concept that first appeared in the Brundtland report in 1987, immediately captured the attention of the researchers, policy makers and the professionals working in different arena. Since then, it has been the most recurrent theme of the conferences, seminars, symposia etc across the disciplines. As this concept concerns with satisfying the needs of the present generations without having to compromise the capacity of future generations, also taking care of environment and social well-being along with ensuring economic growth, it still remains a very much sought after but a distant goal. In an attempt to ensure sustainable development through positive action to end poverty, protecting the planet earth and ensuring equitable economic growth among the nations, the United Nation devised a 2030 agenda which gives Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As it is evidently clear from the complexity of the issue that concerns and challenges are manifold which require a systemic inquiry into the possible solutions at global level for meeting these SDGs. Therefore, this international conference is an attempt to pool up the global ideas which aim at exploring the possibility of heading towards zero; which denotes a state of equilibrium by striking a balance between economic growth, social equity and environmental protection.

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