Officers of the University Name Email Contact
    Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Tankeshwar Kumar vc[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260201
    Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Sushma Yadav pvc[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260114
    Registrar (Off.) Prof. (Dr.) Suneel Kumar registrar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260202
    Finance Officer Dr. Vikas Kumar financeofficer[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260103
    Controller of Examination Dr. Rajiv Kaushik coe[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260104
    University Librarian & Director Publication Division Santosh C. Hulagabali Librarian[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260105
    Deputy Librarian Dr. Rajeev Vashistha raj22.v[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260105
    Chief Vigilance Officer Prof. A K Yadav cvo[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260180
    Executive Engineer Er. Amarjeet Singh amarjeet.kalyan[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260125
    Medical Officer Dr. Rajat Yadav medicalofficer[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in ---
    Director - CII (Centre for Innovation and Incubation) Dr. Marulidhar Nayak Bhukya rathode.muralidhar[at]gmail[dot]com 9550944396
    Director - IQAC Prof. Surender Singh diriqac[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in, iqac[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260169
    Director - Sports Dr. Sandeep Dhull Sports[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260168
    Dean Student Welfare Prof. Anand Sharma deanstudentswelfare[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260165
    NCC - Officer Dr. Ramesh Kumar ncc[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in N/A
    Deputy NCC Officer Mr. Naresh Kumar nareshkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260151
    Provost (Boys' Hostel) Dr. Rajendra Prasad Meena provostb[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260157
    Provost (Girls' Hostel) Dr. Payal Kanwar Chandel provostg[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260107
    Anti-Discrimination Officer (A.D.O)/ Convenor of Drug Prevention Cell Dr. Dinesh Kumar dineshkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260163
    GIAN- Nodal Officer Dr. Gunjan Goel ggoel[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260143
    SWAYAM- Coordinator Dr.Tejpal Dhewa ugcswayam[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260142
    Incharge University Guest House/Vip Guest House Dr. Jitender Kumar drjitenderkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 8054003477
    Director, Outreach Dr. Ajay Pal ajaypal[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260193
    Incharge Legal Branch Dr. Pardeep Singh pardeep[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260117
    CPIO Dr. Rajeev Singh rajeevsingh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260131
    Assistant Librarian Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh vikusi[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260150
    Assistant Librarian Mr. Naresh Kumar nareshkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260151
    Information Scientist Dr. Vinita Malik is[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260152
    Public Relation Officer Mr. Shailender Singh pro[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260139
    Assistant Registrar - Examinations Branch (Conduct) and Desk Section Mr. Jitender Mor jitendermor[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260115
    Assistant Registrar - Estate & General Administration Branch Dr. Jaipal jaipal[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in --
    Assistant Registrar- Academic, Council Dr. Amit Kumar academicbranch[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in, council[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260112
    Assistant Registrar- Establishment Branch, SC/ST Cell (Additional Charge) Sh. Radhey Shyam Singh radheshyamsingh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hindi Officer (Addl. Charge) Dr. Kamlesh Kumari hindiofficer[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260149
    Coordinator, Atam Nirbhar Bharat Dr. Ranbir Singh ranbir[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260156
    Nodal officer for Elimination of identified single Use of plastic and implementation of Plastic Waste Management Dr. Ajay Kumar ajaykumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Nodal officer Samarth Dr. Keshav Singh Rawat, samarthnodalofficer[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Dean, Alumni Professor Parmod Kumar -
    Alumni In-charge Dr. Harish Kumar alumniassociation[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Women Empowerment Cell Dr. Renu Yadav renuyadav[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Director- Training And Placement Prof. Akash Saxena --- --
    Deputy Director- Training And Placement Prof. Pawan Kumar Maurya, pkmaurya[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    YRS/NSS Cell Dr. Pardeep Kumar pradeeppsy[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in, nss[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 8396850005
    Incharge ICT Prof. Rakesh Kumar rkdhiman[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260188
    Coordinator ICT Section Dr. Keshav Singh Rawat samarthnodalofficer[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in
    Chief Security Officer Prof. Manoj Kumar Singh manojksingh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 7237986500
    Deputy Chief Security Officer Dr. Sumit Kumar Dycso[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 9813264779
    Proctorial Board    
    Proctor Prof. Nand Kishor proctor[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260168
    Deputy Proctor Dr. Anand Sharma anandsharma[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260165
    Deputy Proctor Dr. Vinod Kumar vinodkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260194
    Deputy Proctor Dr. Puja Yadav pujayadav[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    SC/Women Representative Dr. Renu renueco[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Minority/ DAP representative Dr. Azaz Ansari azazansari[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Assistant Proctor Dr. Yudhvir yudhvir[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Assistant Proctor Dr. Neeraj Kumar neerajlohchab[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hostel Warden(Homi J. Bhabha Boys Hostel) Shri Ram Pandey w_homi[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Assistant Hostel Warden(Homi J. Bhabha Boys Hostel) Dr. Shah Jahan w_homi[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hostel Warden(S. Ramanujan Boys Hostel) Dr. Ankush Vij w_ramanujan[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hostel Warden(S. Ramanujan Boys Hostel) Dr. Amit Kumar w_ramanujan[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hostel Warden(S N Bose Boys Hostel) Dr. Manish Kumar w_snbose[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Assistant Hostel Warden(S N Bose Boys Hostel) Dr. Ravi Pratap Pandey w_snbose[at]gmail[dot]com -
    Hostel Warden(S N Bose Boys Hostel) Mr. Vikash Siwach w_snbose[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Assistant Hostel Warden(Boys) Mr. Anil anilkundu[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hostel Warden(Kalpana Chawla Girls Hostel) Dr. Savita Budhwar w_kalpana[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hostel Warden(APJ Abdul Kalam Girls Hostel) Dr. Swati Chaudhary w_apj[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hostel Warden(Asima Chatterjee Girls Hostel) Dr. Mona Sharma w_asima[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hostel Warden(Janaki Ammal Girls Hostel) Dr. Suman Rani w_janaki[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Assistant Registrar - Examination & Vigilance Section Sh. Paramjeet Singh paramjeetsingh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260122
    Deputy Librarian Dr. Rajeev Vashistha raj22.v[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260153
    Section Officer - Finance Sh. Rajesh Singh rajeshkumarsingh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260119
    Section Officer - SC/ST Cell, SoET, Hostels & School of Education Sh. Satyapal satyapalmalik[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260127
    Assistant Registrar Vice-Chancellor's Secretariat Sh. Pawan Kumar pawankumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260201
    Section Officer - Finance Branch Sh. Rajesh Kumar rkjangra[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260120
    Assistant - Establishment Mr. Dinesh Kumar dinesh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260128
    Section Officer - Establishment Branch & CPIO Office Mr. Ramveer Gurjar ramveergurjar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260131
    Senior Technical Assistant - ICT Section Mr. Amit Sheoran amit[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260111
    Assistant- Finance Mr. Dinesh Kumar dineshkundu[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260120
    Assistant-official Languages Sh. Rajesh Bansal rajeshbansal[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260137/138
    Assistant- Finance Branch Sh. Basar Singh basarsingh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260201
    Assistant- Estate & General Administration Branch Mr. Pradeep Jakhar pradeepjakhar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260129
    Assistant- Registrar's Secretariat Mr. Dinesh Singh Chauhan dineshkrchauhan[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Assistant - R&S, Exam Mr. Harsh Kumar harshsharma[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260123
    Professional Assistant(PA) Sh. Vijender Singh s.vijender[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Nursing Officer- University Health Centre Ms. Meenu meenu[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Pharmacist Mr. Mukesh mukesh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Semi-Professional Assistant(SPA) Mr. Sushil Kumar Gupta sushilkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-2601549
    Assistant - Establishment Branch Sh. Amit Yadav amityadav[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260116
    Assistant - Acadmic & Council Branch Mr. Sanjay sanjaytanwar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    UDC-Hostels Sh. Balbir Singh - -
    UDC- Vice-Chancellor's Secretariat Mr. Sandeep sandeepyadav[at][cuh][dot]ac[in] 01285-260132
    UDC-Finance Mr. Sanjeev Kumar sanjeevkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260120
    UDC- Office of Legal Cell Mr. Pritam Kumar pritamkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260202
    UDC-Infra. Mr. Deepak Kumar deepakkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260124/125
    Library Assistant Sh. Davender Kumar - -
    LDC-Estate & General Administration Sh. Sandeep Singh sandeepsingh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Technical Assistant (Computer)(B.Ed. and M.Ed. Programme) Ms. Tania Kushik tania[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260132
    LDC- Finance Branch Mr. Shankar Sharma shankar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260133
    UDC - Finance Mr. Himanshu Kaushik himanshukaushik[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    LDC-Establishment Mr. Sunil Kumar sunilkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    LDC-Establishment Mr. Sandip Kumar sandip[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260129
    LDC-Establishment Mr. Arvind Kumar arvindkumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in ---
    LDC-Examination Mr. Chetan Sharma chetansharma[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260122
    LDC- Store & Purchase Mr. Sandeep Sharma sandeepkr[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in ---
    UDC- Finance Branch Mr. Ashish Sahu ashishsahu[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in
    LDC-Chief vigilance office Sh. Ajit Singh ajitsingh[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260207
    LDC- Estate & General Administration Branch Mr. Tara Chand Sharma - 01285-260133
    LDC Ms. Arachana Mittal - -
    LDC Department of Psychology Mr. Amarjeet amarjeet[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Driver Sh. Brahm Prakash - -
    Driver Sh. Hitesh Kumar - -
    Driver Mr. Jitender Kumar - -
    Driver Mr. Hardeep - -
    Driver Mr. Sandeep - -
    Medical Attendant Mr. Dinesh Kumar - -
    Library Attendant Mr. Prashant Kumar Dubey pdubey[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Library Attendant Ms. Roshani Yadav roshaniyadav[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Library Attendant- Central Library Mr. Mitthu Lal mitthu[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hostel Attendant Ms. Kavita - -
    Hostel Attendant Mr. Parveen - 01285-260177
    MTS- Registrar Office Mr. Ravinder Kumar - -
    Cook- Estate & Gen. Admin Mr. Davendra Singh - -
    Cook Mr. Manoj Bisht - -
    Office Attendant Sh. Anoop Kumar - -
    Office Attendant Sh. Manish Kumar - -
    Kitchen Attendant Sh. Sandeep Sharma - -
    Senior Technical Assistant (CSE) Mr. Rahul rahul[dot]sta[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Technical Assistant (CSE) Mr. Rahul Vashisth rahul[dot]Vashisth[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Senior Technical Assistant (Civil Engineering) Mr. Anurag Anurag[dot]sta[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Technical Assistant (Civil Engineering) Mr. Sudhir sudhir[dot]ta[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Laboratory Assistant (Civil Engineering) Ms. Neelam Singh - -
    Senior Technical Assistant (Electrical Engineering) Mrs. Ravita Saraswat Ravita[dot]sta[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Technical Assistant (Electrical Engineering) Mr. Nitin Kumar nitinbajar8[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Laboratory Assistant (Electrical Engineering) Mr. Naveen - -
    Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Sciences) Mr. Rahul Yadav - -
    Laboratory Assistant (Physical Sciences) Mr. Brijesh - -
    Laboratory Assistant (Biotechnology and Biochemistry) Mr. Sumit Kumar Singh - -
    Laboratory Assistant (Microbiology and Nutrition Biology and Pharmaceutical Science) Mr. Deepak Kumar - -
    Laboratory Assistant (Printing & Packaging Technology) Mr. Rakesh rakeshravish[dot]sharma[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in -
    Hindi Typist (Establishment Branch) Dr. Manish Kumar drmanish.kumar[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in ---
    Hindi Translator (Rajbhasha) Mr. Ajit ajit[dot]ht[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in 01285-260138
    Technical Assistant (Printing & Packaging Technology) Mr. Deepak Kumar Sharma deepakks[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in ---
    Laboratory Attendant (Printing & Packaging Technology) Shivratan shivratan[dot]la[at]cuh[dot]ac[dot]in ---
    LDC-IQAC Sh. Aman Nehra --- -