Prof. (Dr.) Tankeshwar Kumar
Central University Of Haryana
Vice-Chancellor office: 01285- 260201

From the desk of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor

Building a successful education institution calls for collective commitment, dedication, high sense of responsibility, and service-oriented mindset from all its stakeholders. This is how the vision and mission of our Central University of Haryana can be achieved in letter and spirit. As the head of this prospering University, I have the moral, ethical, professional responsibility and commitment to continue the best work of my predecessors and also strive hard to make this University one of the best universities in India. As it’s rightly said, “मम शक्तिः त्वत्त: आगच्छति” (my strength comes from you) — the strength and support we receive from the stakeholders shall shape the present and future of this University.

Our University has best of the best faculty members and skilled support staff too. We also have the state-of the-art infrastructure in place. Lush green campus, spacious and technology supported classrooms, virtual classrooms, university-level scholarship programs, well-stocked library with user-centric information services, staff quarters, girls and boys hostels, canteens, gymnasiums, health centre, Wi-Fi park, solar system, banking and postal facilities, bus service, health policy for students, etc. are few among them. We are also committed to sustain the infrastructure and develop it further.

As we have right human resource and the best infrastructure, we need to very proactively engage ourselves in creating knowledge along with imparting knowledge. We all must note that in our academic domain and society as a whole, universities are always looked up with the expectation of: high-standard academic practices, research and publications of high quality that have the potentiality to encourage further research and also impact the society and a specific domain, From the desk of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor 2 innovations for solving socio-economic and allied problems, community engagement, etc. So we need to work in a holistic way and encourage the faculty and student community to come up to the institutional and societal expectations for the larger benefit and collective growth. At this University, we have the custom and culture of encouraging and motivating such exemplarywork by the sincere and hardworking faculty/staff and students to contribute their best to this institution and also nation building.

As an institution, indeed, our present achievements are quite impressive but we should not settle down with the same. We ought to work even harder to sustain the quality and achieve the vison and mission of the University through high-quality teaching, cutting-edge research and innovative, student and community-centered initiatives. As Sanskrit saying goes, ’’निश्चित्वा यः प्रक्रमते नानतर्वसति कर्मणः। अवन्धकालो वष्यात्मा स वै पण्डित उच्यते।।’’ meaning— whose endeavors are preceded by a firm commitment, who does not take long rests before the task is accomplished, who does not waste time and who has control over his/her mind is wise— we need to adhere to this.

As one among you, I always encourage any constructive work for the betterment of our University’s community and institutional growth. Let us work together, succeed together and that’s how we can make this University - an institution of eminence.

Prof. (Dr.) Tankeshwar Kumar